How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

how to get your ex girlfriend back

Shit happens. We’ve all had our endings of relationships before. You probably just recently ended things with your girl and feel like shit and you’re probably hurting pretty bad right now and probably wondering how to get your ex girlfriend back. Or you just have no energy at all and really don’t want to be with anyone and be alone.

We’ve all experienced that dark time and the pain will probably last a long time. You could still be hurtin’ even if she’s been gone for months and even years. That pain won’t go away and will probably ruin your life if you let yourself be in pain.

You could probably try moving on. Be a man whore and find some HB10′s to bang at a party (jk don’t be a slut) or go out with your best friends and chill with them to get your mind off your ex girlfriend. A lot of people will try telling you to move on and give up.

However, if you really want her back, don’t move on just yet and try these things out. I mean this article is titled “how to get your ex girlfriend back” and not “forget about getting your ex girlfriend back”. So anyways, here are some tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back. These will be broken down situations so find out which situation suits you best and figure out what to do from there.

1: Right After You Two Broke Up

She’s been gone for a few days to a month. You’re still hurting pretty bad and want her back so what do you do?

Find out why She Left – Was she complaining about something that you do? Has she said anything about you two before the breakup? Has she lost feelings for you?

Give her space - Let her be alone for around 2 weeks. If you try contacting her right away, you’ll come off as a needy pussy. You could even delete her number or block her on Facebook to avoid temptations of contacting her. Also do not come off as desperate. Acting desperate will remove any chances you getting your ex girlfriend back.

Contact her - This is after that 2 week wait period. You can text her or send a Facebook message. Come off as friendly. You must NOT come off as desperate or all lovey dubey. Try implementing humor in your first message. It can help.

Be casual - Meet up during the day for lunch or coffee. Act as if she was a friend and make her think that you aren’t interested in her.

Keep Meeting Up - Keep having casual hangouts for a few weeks or months. Keep your conversations friendly and never mention anything about the breakup. Look like you’ve actually moved on with your life.

The Kill - After all your meet ups, invite her to a night out with your friends or that you’re going to be somewhere nice and that she should come with you. Have a few drinks and you could become more flirty around her. The huge key to this is the foundations – the casual friendly meetups. Once you guys have had some drinks and have been acting flirty, drop in a line that suggest being together again. Example “What do you think of us getting back together?”

2: She has a boyfriend.

You’re desperate and are learning how to get your ex girlfriend back and all of a sudden, you find out she has a boyfriend. This shit will hurt you a lot but this is when it’s time to become a beast.

Better yourself - Get new clothes, work out, eat right, etc… Just do everything you can to improve your life and this step should take around 2-4 months of HARD WORK.

Social Networks - Facebook is the most popular network that people can stalk you with. With your Facebook profile page, make it seem that you have moved on and have become a more confiedent, happy, independent and outgoing person. Post pictures of you partying with other hot girls, pictures of you extremely happy, traveling and you doing stuff that you have NEVER ever done during your relationship.

Contact - It’s time to contact hersituhe “Contact Her” portion of the first situation.

3. It’s been over a year.

She’s gone and you still are desperate learning how to get your ex girlfriend back. The pain is still there and you still want her back. Guess what? I have great news! Apply Situation 1 and 2. This shouldn’t be as hard as situation 2 because you don’t have another guy to compete with (if she doesn’t have a new boyfriend). Just maintain being confident and happy and look like you’ve moved on pretty damn great.

4. She doesn’t want you back.

It isn’t impossible to get your ex girlfriend back if she doesn’t want you back. It’s tricky and really hard to pull off but it isn’t impossible.

Does she hate you? - find out why she does if she does. Did you suck and cheat on her? Did you wait to long proposing making her feel like she has wasted years with you? You have to dig deep and find out.

Write to her - Use Facebook, email, text or even an old school hand written letter. If you have done something wrong, apologize and that you respect what she wants and say that you wish that she finds someone that she will be happy with. This shit is hard to do but is crucial.

Let it go for a few weeks - If she hasn’t replied at all, wait for a few weeks again. Keep being persistent. If she has replied then try and keep talking to her and start from situation 1 and see where it goes from there.

So how do you get your ex girlfriend back? There are 3 main points common with all situations that you have to follow.

Persistence – This does not mean keep begging to get her back or beggin for attention. Stop being needy. Make your first attempt on getting her back and if it fails, wait a few weeks and try again. (Don’t do this forever though. You may eventually have to move on.)

Change – Change yourself into a better person. It doesn’t matter if you are the shit. There’s always room for improvement.

Don’t beat yourself up – If she ever rejects you and there is no chance of getting your ex girlfriend back then don’t beat yourself up and turn emo. Accept your defeat, stay positive and move on. Chances are if she sees that you have moved on happily without her then she might want you back.

Hopefully these tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back helps you out. Good luck to you all! If all else fails, then move on. There’s probably someone better for you out there.


  • Reply March 18, 2014


    I’ve finally moved on after months and started improving myself and meeting new girls. I ran into my ex the other day and damn you could tell she regretted hard leaving me. We’re meeting up for coffee this weekend but I’m not even sure if I want her. I’ve met tons better people already! Thanks!

    • Reply March 27, 2014

      Life Mentality

      That’s awesome to hear! It’s always better to move on than to beat yourself up. Only positive things will follow

  • Reply March 30, 2014


    Hey I’m looking for some advice on if it is posable to get the love of my life back/my ex! We where dating for 2 1/2 years and I was about to propose to her. She left me cause she said she lost feelings for me. I tryed everything in the world to begged her back to asking her family to talk to her I know all that was wrong now. Then I was in her brothers wedding with her and she didn’t want anything to do with me. I then went 75 days of no contact then sent he my first atb text and got nothing then I waited two weeks then sent another atb with no response. I then wait one more week and sent another atb and nothing back again:( I waited a month till New Year’s Eve and sent her a text saying “Thank you very much Mary Ann for being in my life and sharing memories with me!!! Happy new year!” And she sent back “Tj we broke up and I am not in your life anymore so you need to stop talking to me and move on because we are not going to be friends so you need to stop textin me” I haven’t talked to her sense. Idk what to do I want her back I miss her and don’t wana loose her for good but I feel like I have. Oh ya and on last Monday she sent me this “Tj, when me and Katie sent you that picture a couple weeks ago it didn’t mean anything. We were drinking and it was a stupid thing to do. I’m sorry but we are over and that’s not going to change. I’ve moved on and I’m really happy with my life right now. I’m sorry.” I need some gidedness and advice. am I SOL? On getting her back or what can I do? Thank you for your help!

    • Reply March 31, 2014

      Life Mentality

      Move on. You’re too focused on her and it seems like your life is revolving around her and were being extremely needy (which is probably why she lost interest in the first place).
      Go meet new people to bring in your life, go develop new hobbies that will take your mind off her and just do anything you can do to improve yourself as a person. Everyone has room for improvement.
      Honestly it seems like she doesn’t want a part of you because she sees you as the same person she broke up with.

      When you create contact again, you have to be a different person. Picture your ideal self and work on becoming that.
      Right now man honestly, just move on. Go out and meet new people. Why drench yourself in the past when you can take action and create new memories?

      • Reply March 31, 2014


        Do you think I could ever get her back though or am I really SOL and she will never change her mind? I just want another chance I love her!! But she could care less if I was dead or not I don’t get how someone can do that!! I’m really scared she is gone forever!;(((

        • Reply March 31, 2014

          Life Mentality

          I’m going to be blunt.
          Your mentality is one of scarcity. You are obsessed with her and is a huge turnoff. A huge on that you probably ruined all chances of getting back with her, hence the “Tj we broke up and I am not in your life anymore so you need to stop talking to me and move on because we are not going to be friends so you need to stop textin me”

          Stop focusing on her. It’s over, done. Move on. Life only moves forward. If you keep obsessing about her, you won’t progress.

  • Reply April 10, 2014


    Me an my gf of 1 1/2 years have jus broke up she told me she loved me just didn’t feel it was possible to trust in me again dnt get me wrong I didn’t cheat or hit her I jus spent too much time with work responsibilities an focused on getting our own house together she says I neglected her an that the hole relationship I treated her badly which I don’t feel I did I sent flowers took her out told her I loved her treated her to things she wanted an yet she’s now sayin my time would have been more valueble ( change mind much) but recently she has found out that she may have thyroid cancer and is waiting for the operation which I know can put a lot of pressure on someone. We talk on an off but always get mixed signals she says she needs space then texts. She says she’s promised herself she won’t get back with me, yet she says she can’t say the idea of me an her again is hopeless. Shes confused in herself with all that’s going on understandable I know but I don’t know quite what to do she’s goin through something quite daunting an I don’t want to run from her in her hour of need but she also wants me to give her space. Seems a lose lose to me. Yet she still feels that we could go abroad in October together.alot of people have said she’s just unsure of everything at the moment I just don’t want to be as hot an cold to her as she’s been to me any advice

    • Reply April 10, 2014

      Life Mentality

      Don’t force things on her, it’ll be more of a turnoff.
      It sounds like she needs time to figure herself out so let that happen. All you should do right now is support her, but not in a way to manipulate her to get back with you.

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